Senior Leadership Team

Congratulations on planning for your future!

Helping our students achieve their academic and personal aspirations is our mission. We are committed to giving our students the resources and opportunities necessary to deal successfully with the challenges of today’s workplace. We are facing a historical moment in which universities must build new teaching and learning models tailored to the needs of today’s students and the changing work environment. We join the NUC University team in giving you the warmest welcome to our University. As CEO, I am proud to lead and be part of an institution focused on developing enterprising, successful, and courageous students.

You will find in our institution a wide variety of academic programs that will match your interests and are aligned with current labor needs in the professional field. We not only want excellent graduates; we want professionals who are prepared to join the workforce successfully. Our model of hands-on working relationships with our students and learning through doing are key to successfully delivering on this promise.

At NUC University, we offer Technical Programs, Associate’s, Bachelors’s, and Master’s Degrees. For your convenience, we are also leaders in providing our top quality, proprietary hybrid, blended and online modalities. We believe in using leading technology to allow you to choose the method of study which best fits your skill set and unique environment.

From the first day of class, we will equip you with the necessary skills to be a dedicated and prepared professional. We are committed to helping you develop in your area of ​​technical and professional choice with an excellent group of professionals committed to your development and achieving your goals. You will study in a safe, friendly environment with cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, we provide the student services you need to succeed in your studies.

It is our job to deliver high-quality education and practical experience for you to become an agent of change in our society. We encourage you to join our team and proudly become a part of our institution, NUC University.

Michael Bannett
Chief Executive Officer


Sr. Michael Bannett

Chief Executive Officer

José Córdova


Gonçal Bonmati

Chief Strategic Marketing and Admissions Officer

Michael Burkett, Ph.D.

President of US Operations

Josué Medina

Senior Vice President of Finance & Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Daliana Rivera Rivera

Vice President of Operations for Puerto Rico Executive Office

Dr. Lydia Collazo Bencon

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Manuel Meléndez

Vice President of Online Division

Pura López Infanzón

Vice President of Human Resources